Ninja Nation Tour helps you keep track of books you need to read. Here are some of them:


Fifty Shades of Grey Steel BDSM: Book 2 Ninja One Night Stand (Final Good Knight Kiss Goodbye Sequel)

This is part 2 of the exciting drama check out part 1 first, “Final Good Knight Kiss Goodbye,” by Michelangelo Free Lance. The governor’s daughter Bianca is in danger! First she got into a huge argument with her father, Anthony Frank. Then Bianca’s body was supposedly identified as one of the victims of the nightclub fire at “Knight Life”, Austin Knight’s club. This is the exciting story of how Bianca is kidnapped and then rescued by Austin and Joanna Knight!


Bound by Lorelie James

In sum, I found this book to be offensive with stilted dialogue, an ever changing set of conflicts, and decidedly unsexy love scenes. The strange thing is that I’ve enjoyed Lorelei James books in the past. This is such a departure. It felt forced and awkward. You know, if you’re going to write a character who loves all things Japanese and speaks it at random times, why not just make him Japanese?


Partners In Power by Jack Rinella

Wonderful 101-level exploration of the nature of kinky relationships, how to meet people and how to get what you want. This is Rinella at his best – truly one of the highest-quality books he’s ever produced.