Can a Yoni Egg Get Stuck?

Women who are about to use a Yoni egg for the first time often have 2 main questions. One is, “Will the egg get lost inside my body?” The other one is, “Can my Yoni Egg get stuck?” In regards to the first question, NO the yoni egg can’t get lost inside your body. When it comes to the second query- well- at times the egg may get stuck inside the vaginal canal. But that’s nothing scary and there are some extremely easy ways to get it out.

It is said that a Yoni Egg itself decides for how long it would stay inside your body. In most of the cases, it may come out on its own when it thinks its work is over. But what if it comes out when you are not wearing underwear? Now, that’s extremely embarrassing. Thus, at times you need to take out the egg yourself. Besides, as mentioned previously, the egg may get stuck inside as well. And it would call for intervention from your side.

The post below offers some expert tips on taking out if the Yoni egg gets stuck inside your body.

Stay calm

Though it’s almost impossible to relax when you have got the stone stuck inside but you have to. If you panic, the muscles will get tightened and grip strongly on the stone. You cannot take out the stone if your vaginal muscles are not loose or relaxed.

There are various ways to relax. You can take a warm shower or play some nice serene music. Light up some aromatic candles and de-stress your mind. Tell yourself that you are in full control of the entire process and will be able to take out the stone soon. You should also take some deep breaths to calm your mind.

Push it out

Women bodies are naturally conditioned to push their little ones out of yonis. So, if the Yoni egg has got stuck inside, you will be able to force it out too. It’s just that you have to apply some force here.

First, you will jump & down to activate the muscles. As you go on doing it, the activity will trigger a push to the stone and it will come out on its own.  But, at times the process may not work. In such situations, it’s best to get into squat position. Get down to squat posture, get up & jump again. Do the exercise for multiple times. Then, again as you come to squat posture try to push out the stone with your lady muscles. It may take some time to take out the stone if it’s tightly stuck inside. But this is a very effective process and has been successful with a lot of women.

You can also try to push the stone out by lying down. Just rest on the back and stretch your legs. Then bend the knees and make yourself comfortable. After everything is set, you will have to put pressure on the body muscles to push the yoni egg out.

Hearty belly laugh

One of the coolest ways to take out a stuck Yoni Egg is a hearty belly laugh. When you laugh your heart out, it puts pressure on your abdominal, vaginal and pelvic muscles which eventually forces the stone out. So, you know what you have to do here. Moreover, laughter also helps to reduce stress which is great to calm yourself down in times of panic.  Simply talk to a friend who always makes you laugh. Otherwise, just play your favorite comedy series and go for a binge watch till the egg comes out.